This project is still on working, please skip some bugs and press the flag again, also you can support me by favorite and love this project <3 ========== ❄ Main Story ========== You wake up at night because of a nightmare. Then you hear something knocking on the front door. What is it? Are you brave enough to open the door and see what's happening?.. Let's experience and discover what is hidden behind the door! Happy Christmas! :D ========== How to Play? ========== _Use 'Arrow keys' to walk, 'Z' to run. _Climb wall by jump onto it and keep holding 'Left/right arrow' + 'Up arrow' keys. _Click an item and discover it! Then you can open the door.. _Adventure the house, get outside. Who is knocking the door? ========== Versions ========== v1.0.3 (Beta) - Made the background music sound softer! v1.0.2 ❄ (Beta) - Just change to Christmas Event. I'm quite busy sorry :< v1.0.1 (Beta) - Fixed sound effects other small bugs. v1.0 (Beta) - Nothing here, seem to be the first adventure.. - Fixed notes' output. *Older versions? See Inside and select "Background". ========== Notes ========== This project has a bit of a Halloween feel and scary.. Consider before wearing headphones; 3 *No, it's not too scary, it's just a bit of feeling.. ========== Tips ★ ========== It might be easier if you find all the Items in the floor you're on. What is the bar going with you? It’s the ‘Energy Bar’ ;D Be notice about climbing ladder or running because it can cost energy. ========== Credits ========== - Code: -me (@manh_noob) - Song, soundtrack: From YouTube (Moonlight Hall, Not As It Seems) ========== Links ========== #night #christmas #girls #adventure #teddy #sleep #sleepy #games #all #music #art #story *facts: notes' answer is "25" or "December 25" ;D


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will there appear anything here?..

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but... here's no game here... only screenshots...

Now you can download this game.